Multifunkcionālo implantu iepakojums

The multi-function implant package is based on extensive research and development. It maintains the simplicity and advantages of our previous implant package, while adding new features intended to make the work of dental professionals simpler, quicker, and more cost-effective. The Multi-function Implant Package allows doctors to choose their preferred way of initial implant insertion: tool/motor mounted or manual.

New package benefits:

Various initial implant insertion methods: The implant can be removed from the holder and initially inserted using a motor mount, ratchet wrench, surgical screwdriver, or manually.

  • Simplicity and ease-of-use: The package opens simply and easily, allowing comfortable access to the implant and the cover screw.
  • Functionality: All necessary details are clearly marked both on the patient label and on a round label at the bottom of the vial, these are both clearly visible from the outer package. 
  • Transparency: For optimal visibility of the implant, the new package is a transparent blister pack with a transparent vial.
  • Sterilization: A double sterilization pack ensures the implant stays completely sterile until its insertion.
Multifunkcionālo implantu iepakojums


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