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Alpha-Bio proud to present the next sensation of dental solutions - the NeO implant system.

NeO is the next generation of the company’s original spiral implant. It is based on more than 28 years of proven clinical know-how and rooted in the company’s values of high-quality, innovation, best value for money and simplicity.

NeO is a comprehensive, cutting-edge implant that would easily penetrate and navigate the osteotomy of all bone types while preserving the bone. NeO turns even the most complicated clinical cases into simple ones along with reliability and long term esthetic results.

NeO is balanced to perfection due to its state-of-the-art patent pending design which combines innovative stress reduction elements and primary stability enhancers.

NeO is powerful, yet remarkably gentle to the bone.
Experience NeO to fully understand how brilliant it is!

The NeO implant system offers a wide range of diameters.

The narrow system includes Ø 3.2 and Ø 3.5 mm implant diameters with conical hex connection for narrow spaces procedures, compatible with Alpha-Bio’s CHC prosthetic system and CAD/CAM restoration.

Link to conical hex connection

The standard system includes Ø 3.75, Ø 4.2 and Ø 5.0 mm implant diameters with internal hex connection compatible with Alpha-Bio’s IH prosthetic system and CAD/CAM restoration.

*NeO implant should be ordered with a grip driver, in order to remove implant from package.

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Why ABT define NeO as a system?

NeO is defined as a system since it includes both narrow & standard connection platforms.

Loyal to our core value of simplicity, the NeO system is fully compatible with ABT’s current prosthetic platforms.

The NeO comes in a mountless new package, same color coding as today according to implant length and can be removed from the package by using an advanced grip driver line.

What are the top 3 clinical advantages of the implant?

  1. Superior product system: a unique combination of design and performance that gives our customers an implant with the ability to turn even the most complex clinical cases into simple ones.
  2. Very high primary stability together with gentle behavior to the bone
  3. Long term stability and esthetic results, both in hard and soft tissues, due to its advanced coronal part.
What are the top 3 clinical advantages of the implant?

How does the NeO implant simplify complex cases?

Its ability to achieve high primary stability in:

  • Soft bone, closed or open sinus lift: due to its unique outer and inner shape and threads design.
  • Reduced vertical height, immediate implantation: due to its narrow and sharp and deep threads at the apical part.
  • Reduced width: due to its delicate penetration it widens the narrow ridge instead of destroying it.
  • Immediate implantation and loading and GBR simultaneously: due to all the features above.

How does the implant coronal part design reduce the pressure on the crestal bone?

How does NeO improve the esthetic result for the patient?

Which features allow bone preservation?

Stress reducing elements:

  • Platform shifting – creates increased distance between implant – abutment connection (chronic inflammation) and bone thus reducing bone resorption..
  • Micro threads – distribution of the forces at the coronal part of the implant – reduced bone resorption.
  • Rough surface to the top – more BIC and at more coronal direction. Less crestal resorption.
  • Coronal flute – improves the cutting efficiency of the coronal part thereby reduces pressure during implant penetration. The flute depression reduces the mechanical pressure from the cortical bone.
  • Stress release straight coronal part

All the features combined with special new less traumatic drills, perfect adaptation between step drills and implant shape preserve the soft and hard tissues for the short and long run and hence improve the esthetic results.

Which are the features that provide the primary stability?

Primary stability raising elements:

  • Straight coronal part
  • Slightly tapered condensing body
  • Apical more tapered part - penetration to small diameter drilling
  • Tapered core
  • Delicate variable threads design

Inter threads, micro threads – a bigger surface isthe firm engagement of the special 35 tilt angled threads

  • Sharp and deep apical thread
  • Perfect adaptation between step drills and implant shape

Where does the NeO implant get the most of its design? (What type of bone)

This is one of the NeO biggest clinical advantage since it is as good at bone type 4 as it is at bone type 1, nevertheless at bone type 2 and 3. The unique external shape – straight coronal part, slightly tapered body ,tapered apical part in combination with the perfect fit between the implant and its step drills makes it an all bone types player.

The second important clinical advantage of the NeO is the unique delicate variable threads, designed together with the special “attack angle” threads and microthreads that makes the implant engagement very strong but with reduced pressure on the bone.

How do I choose the proper drilling protocol for the NeO implant?

ABT has modified the drilling protocol into 3 bone categories, simplifying the dentist’s choice by reducing the chances of the doctor to make mistakes and improving drilling protocol accuracy. In addition, ABT has launched an advanced drills line including step drills, which enables the physician to achieve optimal osteotomy to match the implant body and gain high primary stability at the same time.

Why ABT created a smart choice for the NeO (CHC for Narrow, IH for Standard and Wide)?

Implant-abutment connection plays an important and significant role on the long term implant stability and bone preservation. Taking into consideration these crucial factors, Alpha-Bio Tec has developed a smart platform choice solution.

The smart platform choice solution for NeO combines the advantages of the unique and evidence based features of IH connection along with the clinical advantages of the conical platforms. Each tailored for the implant individually, according to its intended use while maximizing safety and durability.

The NeO IH platform is 45o conical edge platform (=900) and the Conical Hex Connection CHC is 11.25o conical connection platform (=220). Both platforms are manufactured with meticulous tolerances, which assure a very accurate biological seal. Alpha-Bio Tec's routine quality assurance sampling, assures a stable and consistence production output.

The NeO platforms are designed to ensure the best possible biological seal and minimized bacterial leakage. Precise fit and proper design ensures accurate sealing in both IH and CHC connections without compromising on the implant's mechanical durability.

Does Alpha-Bio Tec have digital restoration parts (CAD/CAM) that fit both types of connection?

Yes, CAD/CAM holds both prosthetic platforms, IH and CHC.

Do I need to have additional tools / instruments / products to use NeO system?

Yes, the NeO implant comes in a new package which does not include an implant holder. A dentist will need a grip driver which can be used to easily pick-up the implant from the package directly to the site. The dentist has a choice of preferred drivers: manual, ratchet and contra-angle.

What is unique in the apical part of the NeO implant and what are the benefits?

What does it mean "centering feature"?

The centering feature takes the implant exactly to the point of bone penetration without the need for direct visibility. It makes the procedure of finding the osteotomy a lot easier, especially when the osteotomy is hidden by a neighboring tooth or covered with blood and cannot be seen. In addition, the apical threads hold “attacking angle threads” which helps in primary engagement strongly to the bone.

A combination of narrow apical part (2.9 mm) along with sharp and deep threads this design is ideal for penetration into smaller diameter drilling and therefore leading to very high primary stability.

What is unique in the apical part of the NeO implant and what are the benefits? What is unique in the apical part of the NeO implant and what are the benefits?