CAD CAM bibliotēku lejupielāde

The relevant data is incorporated in the libraries of the following systems:


  • 3SHAPE
  • EGS

Alpha-bio Tec's users should follow CAD system manufacturers loading instructions and easily start
working with our parts. To download the libraries click on the library logo below.

Supported systems:
Software libraries containing all relevant restoration parts (Scan Abutments, Ti-Bases, Adhesive Copings Screws and Analogues) are available for leading CAD/CAM suppliers. The company may update its supported systems list from time to time, according to market requirements. An updated list of supported systems will be available on thisz website.

Library format:
Each supported system library contains 2 separated libraries allowing different gaps for glue: regular gap and wide gap. Glue gap may vary according to the technology and material used.
Regular Glue Gap – recommended for most cases, especially for milling technology and CAM systems with glue gap amendment capability.
Wide Glue Gap – recommended mainly for Laser systems and systems that do not allow variation of the glue gap on the CAM system. (Please note: The wider the glue gap, the larger the angular rotation allowance in engaged restoration)
Milling Tools shape and size – For best milling results It is recommended to take into consideration CAM S/W milling strategy and choice of tools, size and shape.
Library download and installation:
Library files are available for download from our FTP servers through the links below. Some of the CAD system providers may included ABT's library in their library list. Please check availability with your CAD/CAM
system supplier. After downloading our library, please follow CAD/CAM supplier loading and installation instructions in order to load and install our libraries onto your system

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