Scan abatmenti

For accurate transfer of implant position to the CAD software. The scan abutments are used to capture the

position, trajectory and rotation of the lab analogs in the working model. Using dental scanners, the scan
abutments are registered optically and the digital information is used to produce individual abutments, and
crown and bridge frameworks using Innovative CAD/CAM technology.


  • PEEK body made of opaque material, no antiglare spray needed.
  • Titanium base for accurate long lasting use.
  • Laser marks for easy identification.
  • Integrated screw. No risk of losing the screw.
  • Standard abutment screw – No need for special driver.
  • Unique non symmetric geometry for easy scan.
  • Supports Alpha-Bio Tec.implant platforms - Internal Hex and CHC (Conical Hex Connection).
  • Support all relevant restoration levels (Implant platform, Screw retained level: TCT-N and TSA-N).
  • Compatible with a wide range of CAD/CAM systems.

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